Installments Payment


Innovative installment systems provided by Przelewy24 are completely internet-based solutions enabling the customer to make online transactions without leaving home.
and without any unnecessary formalities.

Transaction process via the e-installment system in Przelewy24:

  1. The customer chooses the e-installment payment method and is taken to the bank’s website, where he completes the loan application.
  2. After submitting the application, the Customer returns to the Seller’s website, the application goes to the bank for analysis, and the Customer receives confirmation of the application.
  3. After positive verification of the Customer, the bank sends the loan agreement to be accepted by the Customer.
  4. The customer accepts the on-line contract.
  5. Final acceptance is information for the store that you can send goods to the customer.
  6. The loan agreement is financed by the bank.

Main advantages:

  • flexible loan periods (3-36 months),
  • speed of the process (average time from submitting an application to a positive decision – about 15 minutes),
  • no unnecessary formalities and courier visits,
  • the whole procedure takes place online.

Przelewy24 does not charge additional commissions on purchases made in installments.