Do you have any questions? Are you wondering if such a flight is for you? Read the questions below to dispel your doubts!


What health requirements do I have to meet to make a jet flight?

General requirements:
– 18 years old, notary consent of parents or legal guardians is required for younger people,
– signing the completed consent to fly,
– height 160-200 cm,
– weight 50-115 kg,
– general good health,
– pilots with valid aviation and medical examinations,
– no drinking alcohol for min. 24 hours before the flight,
– total ban on pre-flight drug use,

– pregnant women,
– people with heart disease
– people with diabetes
– people taking psychotropic drugs,
– people suffering from anxiety and claustrophobia.

Can minors take a jet flight?

Yes, subject to written consent from parents or legal guardians.

The minimum age of a person to fly is 14 years.

Is it safe?

The TS-11 Iskra is a former military aircraft and is registered in the special category. Has all the permits of the Civil Aviation Authority, and the pilot making the flight has the appropriate training and skills to fly the TS-11 Iskra.